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Native Brazilian Instructor

Learn Brazilian Portuguese with a native, friendly, professional and college-educated speaker, who live and thoroughly understands the unique Brazilian Culture and its Business market.

Personalized Learning

Each session is based on your goals and interests. Whether you are a professional who wants to boost your presentations and relationship with your clients, a traveler or a language learning lover, get proficiency accordingly to your needs.

Online Conversation

Speaking continuously is the best way to learn a foreign language, and the process needs to be fun and run smoothly. Through Skype on any device, you can receive immediate feedback from your instructor. No matter you are in the world.

Flexible Schedule

Your progress depends on the time you spend talking. With one-on-one conversation sessions, you will feel the results coming on each practicing day. Book from single to multiple sessions, accordingly to your agenda.


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Learn Brazilian Portuguese to achieve your personal goals. For Business or Travel, we meet your needs.

Why Learn Portuguese

Portuguese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with 250 million speakers – 80% from Brazil. English, Spanish, and Portuguese belong to the Indo-European family, which means they have some similarities.

Cultural Benefits

One of the benefits of learning with a native speaker is be exposed to an authentic vocabulary, idioms, manners, and very local tips. Professional behavior is also important for better relationships. You will be encouraged to speak with your instructor in a natural way.

Business Experience

Having an instructor with broad market expertise makes all difference to the ones in need to learn Brazilian Portuguese for Business. The cross-cultural exchange also strengthens the interaction of people from different backgrounds. Boost your networking!

Affordable Price

Usually, paying for a regular course costs more and it takes more time and energy to achieve the proficiency you need. We have plans for all, from single to multiple sessions. Take a trial and keep investing in you.

Relaxed Learning

Forget about attending classes for hours, sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Your conversation session can be taken in a relaxed way at home, office or even at a park. All content will be shared with you online as your hour session goes on.

More & More

We offer other services directed to the Brazilian market, such as Translations and Localization Content, Intercultural Coaching, Content and Social Media advice, and support for Events held in Brazil. Learn more.

Boost Brazil stands out as one of the best ways to learn a new language. I thought Portuguese was a tough one to try, and even knowing the basics, I am falling in love with it again. I can practice my speaking and listening in a fun way and with ease. Not to mention that Brazilian culture is always surprising me!

Make SmithWashington D.C. Metro Area, United States

Find Boost Brazil was fantastic to improve my speaking skills. I've always been pushed by my instructor and I feel that I made great progress after each class. This is making difference in doing business with my peers from Latin America.

Kate StephensCanada Area

Bright, dedicated, hard-working, results-oriented, friendly, and down to earth. Luciana is a first rate professional in everything she does, and I give her my highest recommendation!

Gene HendrixInstructor at UCalBerkeleyXT & Adjunct at San Francisco State
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